Having your clothing made can be one of life's great pleasures. Picking just the right cloth and seeing the suit come into it's own is collaborative, fascinating, and fulfilling. Below is our process.

Measurements & Cloth

We offer hundreds of cloth options for suits, sport jackets, trousers, overcoats, and shirts sourced from the finest English and Italian mills. Whether it's wool, cashmere, vicuna, silk, linen, or cotton, we only offer the best of the best.

We then take your measurements, recording all the information we need about your posture and build. From these notes we'll draft a paper pattern based on you, your body, and your style. This pattern will be used to cut your suit. Additionally, extra cloth is left inside your suit in key areas that allow it to be adjusted and let out in the future if your body changes.


Basted Fitting

Including this preliminary fitting allows for the most control of the fitting process. Regardless of how perfect the cutter's initial measurements are, certain variations can happen from cloth to cloth and in body size from season to season. The basted fitting allows for the versatility to easily make any fit changes we want to make. All too often, when this step is skipped, tailors will shy away from doing needed alterations simply because it takes too much time to disassemble a jacket that is already nearly finished.


Slip On

After the basted fitting, your suit will be taken apart and any needed adjustments will be applied. We then begin to finalize things- hand padding lapels, finishing front panels, setting in lining, hand stitching edges, working in the shoulders and sleeves. When the suit is about 90% finished, called slip-on, we will ask you to return for your second fitting.

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Final Fitting and Pickup

One last visit allows us to look over everything on you to make sure things are just right. Then we pick out your next suit!